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SW09: 日地因果链中的辐射带物理与波粒相互作用研究           >> 注册本专题

Recent Advances in Radiation Belt Physics and Associated Wave-Particle Interactions in the Sun-Earth Context

召集人 (Conveners):

Dr. Binbin Ni (倪彬彬), Wuhan University,

Dr. Xinlin Li (李炘璘), University of Colorado, Boulder,

Dr. Wen Li (李雯), Boston University,

Dr. Weichao Tu (涂蔚超), West Virginia University,

Dr. Xin Tao (陶鑫), University of Science and Technology of China,

Dr. Yiqun Yu (於益群), Beihang University,

专题简介 (Session Description):

It is of both scientific and practical interest to approach comprehensive understanding of the dynamic variability and long-term climatology of Earth’s radiation belts. A variety of physical processes have been identified to contribute to the transport, acceleration, and loss of radiation belt particles from hundreds of eV to tens of MeV, in which wave-particle interactions are well recognized to play an essential role. While radiation belt modeling has become more mature along with improved knowledge of Sun-Earth system connection, geo-space environment, magnetic storm/substorm consequences, and global plasma, particle and wave distributions, the roles of various processes of wave-particle interactions in radiation belt physics remain not fully resolved and merit deeper investigation.

This session solicits presentations looking into recent advances in furthering our understanding of the radiation belt dynamics and the contributions of wave-particle interactions under geomagnetic circumstances triggered by diverse solar wind impacts. We encourage results utilizing measurements from the full suite of heliospheric satellites, particularly missions such as Van Allen Probes, MMS, THEMIS, CLUSTER, POES, GOES, FENGYUN, CubeSat missions, and coordinated modeling efforts that may shed new light on dynamic responses of Earth's radiation belts to solar and geomagnetic activities.


BINBIN NI武汉大学电子信息学院空间物理系
Song FuWuhan University
娄悦群武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Resonant scattering of ring current protons by obliquely propagating EMIC waves  
张洋武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Inferring electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave intensity from low altitude POES proton flux measurements: A detailed case study with conjugate Van Allen Probes observations  
花漫武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Evolution of radiation belt electron pitch angle distribution due to combined scattering by plasmaspheric hiss and magnetosonic waves  
汤朝灵山东大学(威海)7月31日 8月3日 The effects of magnetospheric processes on relativistic electron dynamics in the Earth’s outer radiation belt  
熊鹰北京大学7月31日 8月3日 Variation of Radiation Belt Content Indices During Magnetic Storms Based On Van Allen Probe Observations  
柯阳光中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月4日 Generation of rising-tone chorus in a two-dimensional mirror field by using the general curvilinear PIC code  
Jicheng Sun中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月4日 Spectral Properties and Associated Plasma Energization by Magnetosonic Waves in the Earth’s Magnetosphere: Particle-In-Cell Simulations  
陈华岳中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月4日 Lower Band Cascade of Whistler Waves Excited by Anisotropic Hot Electrons: One-dimensional PIC Simulations  
Xuzhi Zhou北京大学8月1日 8月4日 Charged particle behavior in localized ultralow frequency waves: Theory and observations  
高中磊长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日 范艾伦探测器观测到的长时间振荡调合声波
Weichao TuWest Virginia University8月2日 8月4日 Understanding the Rapid Dropout of Radiation Belt Electrons  
国明月长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日 闪电激发哨声波的传播特性研究  
陶鑫中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月3日 宽频哨声波饱和性质的准线性分析
李雯Boston University7月30日 8月4日 Systematic evaluation of low frequency hiss and energetic electron injection  
Wenxun Zhang武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Electron scattering by hiss in plasmaspheric plumes during a geomagnetically quiet period  
张洋武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Inferring electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave intensity from low altitude POES proton flux measurements: A detailed case study with conjugate Van Allen Probes observations  
曹兴武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Hot plasma effects on the resonant scattering of radiation belt electrons by EMIC waves  
刘凯军Auburn University7月31日 8月4日 Fast Magnetosonic and Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves Driven by Proton Ring Velocity Distributions  
张贤国中国科学院国家空间科学中心7月31日 8月4日
朱明惠北京航空航天大学8月2日 8月3日 Effects of hot anisotropic O ions on the growth of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves from realistic ring current ion distributions  
Jinxing LiJinxing Li7月30日 8月4日 Langmuir waves modulated by whistler-mode chorus waves: Van Allen Probe and MMS observations  
滕尚纯中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月4日 Analysis of the Duration of Lower Band Rising Tone Chorus Elements Using Van Allen Probes Data  
Lunjin ChenLunjin Chen7月30日 8月2日 Electron Scattering due to EMIC waves  
刘文龙北京航空航天大学7月31日 8月4日 Interaction between ULF waves and particles in the inner magnetosphere  
Xinliang Gao中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月4日 The Generation of Multiband Chorus Waves in the Earth’s Magnetosphere  

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