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SW08: 内磁层动力学           >> 注册本专题

Inner Magnetospheric Dynamics

召集人 (Conveners):

Dr. Qiugang Zong (宗秋刚), Peking University,

Dr. Mei-Ching Fok, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,

Dr. Tony Lui, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,

专题简介 (Session Description):

The inner magnetosphere occupies a prominent place connecting the upstream solar wind, magnetotail and the underneath ionosphere. Residing in its domain are the radiation belts, the ring current, and plasmasphere. The interest in the inner magnetosphere is heightened by the successful launch of the Van Allen Probes (RBSP) in August 2012. This mission plus several on-going missions such as Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS), Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions During Substorms (THEMIS), Two Wide-Angle Imaging Neutral-Atom Spectrometers (TWINS), Cluster, Geosynchronous satellites (Los Alamos satellites and Geostationary Operational Environment satellites (GOES)) furnish a rare opportunity to advance our understanding of the physical processes in the inner magnetosphere and its linkage to other space plasma domains. All research approaches to probe the inner magnetosphere dynamics are solicited for this special session.


乐超 Yue Chao山东大学(威海)7月31日 8月4日 The characteristic pitch angle distributions of 1eV to 600 keV proton near the equator based on Van Allen Probe observations  
Fuliang Xiao长沙理工大学7月30日 8月2日
刘斯长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日 Storm-time variation of Van Allen belt relativistic electrons associated with the combined effect of local acceleration and radial diffusion    
贺艺华长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日 Generation of chorus waves on the dayside at lower L-shells  
马淑英武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Differentiated oxygen and hydrogen ions 3-D distributions in storm-time RC region retrieved from TWINS ENA images  
杨昶长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日 correlation between electron butterfly pitch angle distributions and magnetosonic waves in the slot region  
国明月长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日
余雄东武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Excitation of extremely low-frequency chorus emissions: The role of the background plasma density  
张贤国中国科学院国家空间科学中心7月31日 8月4日
袁志刚武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Recent progress in the plasma waves in the inner magnetosphere  
赵万里长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日
周庆华长沙理工大学7月31日 8月3日
Haimeng Li南昌大学7月31日 8月4日 Reduction in plasmaspheric hiss wave amplitudes during a substorm  
陈亚茹长沙理工大学7月31日 8月4日
唐立军长沙理工大学7月31日 8月2日

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