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SW27: 空间天气应用           >> 注册本专题

Applications of Space Weather

召集人 (Conveners):

Dr. Ge-Shi Tang (唐歌实), Beijing Aerospace Control Center, China,

Dr. Xi-Jing Wang (王西京), China Xi'an Satellite Control Center, China,

Dr. Tong-Feng Wei (魏通峰), China Xi'an Satellite Control Center, China,

Dr. Zhong-Feng Zhang (张中锋), Aviation Meteorological Center, China,

Dr. Guang-Lin Yang (杨光林), National Center for Space Weather, China Meteorological Administration, China,

专题简介 (Session Description):

Space weather events are natural phenomena that has the potential to disrupt artificial systems, such as, electric power systems; satellite, aircraft, or spacecraft’s operations; telecommunications; position, navigation, and timing services; and other technologies and infrastructures that contribute to the security and economic vitality of human society. In spite of the decades of development of operational space weather forecast, the applications to multi-sectors still desire more efforts. This session will mainly focus on: (1) applications of the space weather forecast in multi-sectors to serve the people’s livelihood; (2) making the space weather forecast products more applicable and easy to understand for the public; and (3) develop more prospective space weather clients.


唐歌实北京航天飞控中心7月31日 8月4日
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肖舸海口诺塞克西海数据科技有限公司7月30日 8月4日 《实时时空大数据计算技术在空间天气中的应用》  
黄聪国家卫星气象中心7月30日 8月4日
汪洋哈工大深圳研究生院7月31日 8月3日

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