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SW10: 地球磁尾的多尺度物理过程           >> 注册本专题

Multi-scale Process in the Earth’s Magnetotail

召集人 (Conveners):

Dr. Meng Zhou (周猛), Nanchang University,

Dr. Huishan Fu (符慧山), Beihang University,

Dr. Yu Lin (林郁), Auburn University,

Dr. Xuzhi Zhou (周煦之), Peking University,

Dr. Jiang Liu (刘江), University of California, Los Angeles,

专题简介 (Session Description):

The Earth’s magnetotail is a highly dynamic region containing many transient and localized phenomena, such as bursty bulk flows, dipolarization fronts, flux ropes, field-aligned currents, plasma bubbles, waves and turbulence etc. These phenomena are closely related to magnetic reconnection and magnetospheric substorms that explosively release energy stored in the magnetotail. Studies in the recent decade show that these phenomena are associated with multi-scale process. Energies injected from large-scale process may finally be dissipated in the ion- or electron-scale current filaments, leading to plasma heating and acceleration, and the energy transport from the magnetotail to the inner magnetosphere/ionosphere. Kinetic instabilities generated by unstable particle distributions may in turn cause large-scale topology change. The cross-scale coupling, which plays the key role in energy transport and conversion in the magnetotail, has not been fully understood yet.

This session will focus on recent advances in understanding the multi-scale processes in the Earth’s magnetotail. We encourage submission of the results utilizing measurements from the magnetospheric satellite missions, such as MMS, THEMIS-ARTEMIS, Cluster, Double Star, GEOTAIL etc, and numerical models resolving different scales, such as global magnetohydrodynamic simulations, hybrid simulations and full particle simulations.


符慧山北京航空航天大学8月1日 8月4日 偶极化锋面处的能量电子加速过程  
Mingyu WuUniversity of Science and Technology of China
王荣生中国科学技术大学7月31日 8月3日 Electron acceleration in the separatrix region during magnetic reconnection  
Yiqun Yu北京航空航天大学8月1日 8月3日 Effects of Bursty Bulk Flows on global-scale current systems  
周猛UCLA/南昌大学8月1日 8月4日 initial results of the magnetotail reconnection by MMS during "Maha" phase  
段爱英中国科学院大学7月31日 8月4日 3D MHD simulation of the Double-Gradient Instability of the Magnetotail Current Sheet  
刘成明北京航空航天大学8月1日 8月3日 偶极化锋面后“擀面杖”投掷角分布的形成机制  
Xuzhi Zhou北京大学8月1日 8月4日 Characteristics of high-latitude precursor flows ahead of dipolarization fronts  
徐印北京航空航天大学8月1日 8月3日 量化偶极化锋面处的电子加速  
黄狮勇武汉大学7月31日 8月4日 Observations of electron vortex magnetic holes in the turbulent plasmas  
黄静南昌大学7月31日 8月4日 Small-scale structures of the dipolarization fronts in the Earth's magnetotail  
吴明雨哈尔滨工业大学深圳研究生院7月31日 8月4日 Dissipation of an electron phase-space hole and its consequence on electron heating  
李慧敏西安电子科技大学7月31日 8月4日 The MMS observation of an off-equatorial dipolarization front and associated wave characteristics in the near-Earth magnetotail  
段素平中国科学院国家空间科学中心7月31日 8月3日 Oxygen ions energized by kinetic Alfven eigenmode during dipolarizations of intense substorms  
白坤北京航空航天大学8月1日 8月3日 Three-dimensional test particle simulations of electron energization in substorm events  

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